Travel insurance generally can be purchased from one of these places, general insurance agencies, travel agencies, travel portal, airline ticketing websites, and travel insurance website. The list seems to be long but each gives a very different experience of getting it and most importantly making a claim on the insurance.

People tend to like to deal with humans, and if the person at the other end is a person whom we have met or someone that they know, the comfort level will be much higher. However, travel insurance the premium is relatively small, so in order to be commercially viable those who attend to customers personally and  provide good after sales service are those who focus in this type of insurance and intend to build a relationship for future businesses as well.

Getting insurance from general insurance agents that you know and trust will do a good job is the best way to get your insurance. If you have an agent who is currently serving for other insurance, know the travel insurance product well and treat your travel insurance as part of the portfolio of service, you will be better of getting it from them.

The most convenient way of getting travel insurance is through airline ticketing websites. Many people choose to purchase from these websites. If you are one of them, most probably you have not bothered to read the terms and conditions and fine prints, or even you have read them, you may not for sure you have understood them, until god forbade something really happens. Insurance is likely to be one of the major focus of business of these companies as an add on to their revenue if they are a budget airline.

The value proposition is to include travel insurance, meals and baggage as part of the decision of buying the air tickets. Hence travel insurance is purchased not based on the benefits and requirement but out of convenient at the “check-out counter”. The common experience can be that when there is a claim, and you thought it was covered but it is not, you can’t go back and say I did not know that was not covered.

Travel insurance website are specialized website for the sale of travel insurance. The advantage of getting from these websites are that the way the information being presented is much clearer to help you to get a suitable insurance coverage for yourself. Travel insurance is the main business and they have dedicated staff to handle questions and claims as well.

Unlike an insurance agent who deals with travel insurance once in awhile when there is a request, travel insurance website deals with product day in and day out. Such websites will be much more experience and can handle inquiries and claims more efficient and effectively. Usually when questions about the details on the travel insurance cannot be answered by those who don’t handle travel insurance on a regular basis.

Some of the questions are like “What is travel curtailment? How to claim? If I get my travel insurance after I get the air ticket will I still be entitled to this benefit?”. Those who have not encountered such questions will forward the inquiry to the insurance principal and turnaround time can be within a day or sometimes never.

In conclusion, travel insurance website is one of the most practical way to your travel insurance. By going through travel insurance website, you will know what is it that you have paid for and if you have questions, your question can be answered quickly. Most important of all, they are specialist in travel insurance claims.