There is actually no such thing as travel insurance multiple destination. Single round trip travel insurance for international travel is designed to cover you from the day you start your journey in Malaysia till the day you end your journey in Malaysia.

While outside of Malaysia you can travel to as many destinations as you like as long as the countries you travel to are not countries where the policy specifically has excluded.

Here’s the scenario to make the explanation clearer.

You planned your travel itinerary and as it turn out you want to go to more than one place, and not just that more than one country. As to make it even more exciting you planned let it go unplanned after you have finished your planned itinerary and don’t really want to set a date to come home.

After that you come to the part where you need to decide on the details for getting a travel insurance. So should you buy a travel insurance for every flight or trip that you planning to take ?

The answer is no. You can just get a travel insurance that covers the period of the entire journey. As long as you have come back to Malaysia, your journey will continue to be covered until the end of the cover period that you have chosen.

If you have yet to decided on the date of return, you will need to put in a best guess date for the cover to end, otherwise you would not be able to compute the premium to be paid for the travel insurance.

So what happens if you need to extend the cover? You can inform the insurer or the insurance agent to extend the cover for you. The benefit of getting through an agent is that you can just message or email them your request while you are overseas.

If the journey is long; or you can’t decide on the returning date; or you travel in and out of the country very often, travel insurance multiple destination, also known as annual travel insurance will make much more sense in your case.

The policies offered in Malaysia, requires you to have a Malaysian address. All the journey will have to start from Malaysia and ends in Malaysia. You can extend the travel period once the policy is being inception but you can’t extend it after the policy has expired.

It will not be easy to get a policy overseas as travel insurance generally works the same way in other country. Unless you can confirm that you can get a policy overseas, it is safer to get all that you need in Malaysia before you start your journey.