Looking for travel insurance? Before the advent of online ticket booking, Malaysians generally do not go looking for travel insurance on their own. Travel insurance were promoted by the air ticketing company or group tour operators. As people travel more and can make travel decisions on their, they start looking for travel insurance on their own.

Travel insurance is another type of personal accident insurance with added benefits that are relevant to the traveler. In its basic form travel insurance covers death, disability, emergency evacuation service and medical expenses incurred while travelling overseas.

As time goes by, in order to stay competitive, insurance companies started to differentiate themselves by offering more relevant benefits to their customers such as travel cancellation, lost baggage, snatch theft, pet hotel, repatriation of mortal remains and so on. These benefits generally comes with a small sum of coverage but they do make the travel insurance package seems more comprehensive.

When you are looking for travel insurance what should you be looking for in the policy? As mentioned, travel insurance primary purpose is to cover death, disability, emergency evacuation and medical expenses coverage. Those are the primary points to consider or to compare between companies for the similar premium package. The rest can vary between companies, all you need to do is to compare between the plans and mark them off if they have the same.

If you have a specific need, such as to cover for skiing and scuba diving you will have to check out the policy to ensure that these activities are not excluded. If they are excluded you will have to check it the policy allows these activities to be added into the cover.

Should you find any benefits that is unique to the plan, you may want to consider if it is important enough to pay for additional premium for it. If it is not, then you can just go with the one you have chosen with lesser premium.

Other types of differentiation are family package or family discount, annual travel insurance cover. They will offer significant savings in premium if they suit your requirement.

Annual travel insurance , makes life easy for you if you are a frequent traveler. This will save the hassle and avoid going on a plane without any protection.

In short looking for travel insurance is actually looking for the coverage for death, disability, emergency evacuation and medical expenses coverage. Secondly we will look for the other benefits that comes along with it. These additional benefits are sometimes very niche.

Take for example, pet hotel. If you miss a flight, and no one takes care of your pet because of the delay, and your pet requires to be taken care of by people in the pet hotel, you can make a claim on the bill. The other interesting benefit will be the extreme sport coverage. Normally travel insurance excludes activities such as winter sports, bungee jumping, mountain climbing, and water sports such as jet ski and scuba diving. The good news is, some policies can cover these activities with additional premium.